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The Making of Renaissance Revival

Facts and Figures:


3m poison green –reverse side used Civil War reproduction print

16m yellow – four shaded yellows across the fabric by Karen Combs

4 m very dark green – Moda Marbles pine green

4 1/2 m dark Moroccan red Marble

3 m med green marble

1/4m caramel marble

2 x 1/4 m of two bright reds

6m Hoffman multi marble fabrics for backing



22 reels appliqué and couching

204 reels of Guttermann in 7 shades for quilting

11 reels of water-soluble thread for trapunto

24 reels of gold nr20 2024 by Maderia

16 reels of black/gold by Maderia

2000 m tacking thread



5m Matilda’s Own Cotton/wool blend

1 hank of Matilda’s Own wool trapunto yarn



10m-freezer paper

60m water-soluble stabilisers

180 size 10 appliqué needles

4packets easy thread needles

8 packets of no 80 Jeans schmetz sewing machine needles

3 pairs of fine curved decoupage (manicure) scissors for cutting template shapes

2 pairs of fine embroidery scissors for cutting fabrics and metallic threads

Corel Draw Version 7

Computer inks

Other sewing consumables

Printing costs



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